Saturday, May 30, 2015

SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER (2004) Poster, Trailer, Screencaps, Clips and Review SYNOPSIS: On the afternoon of Halloween, Douglas Whooly dons his costume in expectation of a fun-filled night. But, when he hears that his beloved sister, Jenna, has found herself a boyfriend, he throws a tantrum and flees the house. Douglas befriends a man in a devil costume and helps him decorate his lawn with fake corpses. Unfortunately for Douglas and his family, the corpses -- much like the murders that will punctuate the evening to come -- are all too real.

A horror/dark comedy slasher flick written and directed by Jeff Lieberman and starring Amanda Plummer, Stephen Graham, Wass W. Stevens, Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Brickel. Watch the film on YouTube here or at here.


Halloween Around Town Scenes:

Satan's Little Helper and Satan Scenes:

Satan Scenes:

Gore/Kill Scenes:

Halloween Party Costume Scenes:


Opening Scene:

"Where's Your Pitchfork?" Movie Clip:

Hot Movie Clip:

Bloodbath and Beyond Review:

Back of DVD Cover:

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