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HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS (1989) Newspaper Ads, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray Covers

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VHS SYNOPSIS: The petrifying spectre of Michael Myers shatters Haddonfield once again, in this fifth "Halloween" shocker that picks up where "Halloween 4" ended. Michael's niece, 9-year-old Jamie, now has a telepathic bond with her uncle. Though she is unable to speak, she knows where and when he will strike again. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) hopes to use Jamie's ability to finally stop the demonic killer once and for all. But Michael remains as elusive as ever as he embarks on another savage murder spree, filling each new victim with heart-stopping terror before he strikes. Racing from one unnervingly tense scene to another, and featuring the climatic moment when when Michael takes off his mask, HALLOWEEN 5 is a masterpiece of modern horror in the true "Halloween" tradition. Don't watch it alone!

The film has been released on VHS, LaserDisc, DVD and Blu-ray. The original VHS was released by CBS/FOX in 1990. In 2008, the film was released on the Halloween: 30th Anniversary commemorative box-set, along with Halloween 4, Divimax, the 25 Years of Terror documentary DVD and a Blu-ray and "extended edition cut" DVD of the original Halloween '78. A Blu-ray release for the US took place on August 21, 2012. The DVD release is THX certified. With the exception of the original VHS, Anchor Bay has handled all subsequent releases. The film was released on DVD/Blu-ray on October 2, 2013 in Australia. The DVD/Blu-ray Extras contained Commentary, On The Set Footage and Trailer.

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