Sunday, September 25, 2016

What's on tonight: BLACK EVE (2010) SYNOPSIS: A closed down department store is the setting for a wild Halloween party for a group of friends. The following morning, a woman, dressed in a jewel thief costume , wakes up in one of the many hidden away rooms and discovers that all of the other party guests have been murdered. Having psychic abilities, she uses her gift to retrace the final steps of the murdered guest. As Chris travels from room to room she discovers more and more dead bodies and as she uses her gift to see what happened, she sees one of the party guests, a large man, viciously killing everyone else. As the body count mounts, Chris is slowly able to piece together the events of the Halloween party, leading to everyone's demise.

Dread Central posted a link to over 400 horror movies streaming free over at Tubi TV, this film was on the list. I was gonna buy the dvd at Amazon some years ago but then I decided to wait to see if it'd show up online for free. Black Eve is a throwback 80's slasher film directed by Ryan Andrews with Eva Green, Neil London, Veronika Santos and Kassandra Win starring. It's a typical slasher, 20 or 30 somethings drinking booze at a party, having sex, and a killer stalking but there are a couple good kills (especially the "Our Father" one) and the interesting twist ending (even though predictable) is what I liked most about film. If you like low budget indie films I'd say it's worth a watch. Check out more posters, 2 trailers, or watch the movie below.


2nd Trailer:

Watch Black Eve @ Tubi TV here or watch while it's still free in the player below:

Fan-made Grindhouse-style Poster:

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