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HALLOWEEN 4 THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS (1988) Newspaper Ads, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray Covers

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VHS SYNOPSIS: The most ghoulish mass murderer in history has been in a coma for ten years. But tonight, he's awake-and HALLOWEEN has never been more terrifying. While being moved from a maximum security prison for the criminally insane, Michael Myers, the monstrous killer of HALLOWEEN I AND II, regains counciousness and escapes. A trail of carnage lead Dr. Loomis(Donal Pleasence), a medical professional all too familiar with Michael's case, to the small Illinois town that was the scene of Michael's ghastly crimes in the past. There, surrounded by murder and destruction, plunged into darkness by a power failure, left with virtually no hope of rescue, two young women find themeselves trapped in their own home, stalked by the most dangerous creature alive. The latest installment in the most popular horror series in Hollywood History, HALLOWEEN 4 may very well be the most nightmarish of all.

The film was first released on VHS in May 1989 as a rental title by CBS/FOX home entertainment. It was made available for sell-through in October 1989 to coincide with the theatrical release of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. Anchor Bay Entertainment released the film on VHS in 1998 and on a Special Edition DVD in 1999. The DVD Supplements include the Halloween 4/5 panel at the Return to Haddonfield convention, theatrical trailer, Halloween 4 Final Cut – a "behind-the-scenes" documentary, a commentary with Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell, and another commentary by Alan B. McElroy and Anthony Masi. Halloween 4, along with Halloween 5, and a Blu-ray, restored standard DVD and extended television cut of Halloween, was released with the first disc of the documentary, Halloween: 25 Years of Terror, and The Shape's mask in 2008 in a limited 30th anniversary box set of the first film. The film was released on Blu-ray in Germany on May 4, 2012, in the US on August 21, 2012, in the UK on October 15, 2012 and in the Australia on October 2, 2013. Australia Blu-ray Release Extras are a commentary with Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell and Halloween 4/5 panel and theatrical trailer.

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